Who we are

The Mawada Project is about compassion. It’s about learning. It’s about reflection.

We are an organization aimed at creating service learning opportunities and experiences for youth in the UAE.

We take people through a journey of self discovery and help them realize the power they have within, to bring change and make a difference in the world. These young learners will be empowered through our programs and build the life skills, character and values that they need to become empathic leaders of tomorrow. That’s a win for them. A win for the community. And a win for us at Mawada.

What we do

We believe in the power of giving, and are keen to get as many young earners involved as possible.

Our role is to provide service learning opportunities to youth across the nation, by connecting them to those less fortunate,
and to areas where they can contribute. We help develop their skills and build their character while providing consistent, structured and educational opportunities to give back to the community.

Our team’s background in educational program design as well as skill-building, workshop facilitation provides ample expertise in engaging children in meaningful learning experiences.

Our Values

Community Needs

We aim to give back where there are real needs. It’s not about us, it’s about the people we are serving and their specific needs.

Direct Engagement

We want our children to engage directly with the people in their community. Giving money from a distance is great, but we learn so much more from personal, face to face interactions.

Compassion & Respect

We aim to bring these values and standards into everything we do, within the organization, with clients and with everyone in the community

Skill development

In doing good, we want to make sure our children are learning as much as they possibly can. We focus on developing their values, their social, emotional, thinking, and leadership skills, and our own, constantly.


One person can make a difference. A group of people can change the world. We believe strongly in working together with others and collaborating in order to achieve so much more. This is what we teach our children as well.

Reflection & Improvement

There is always room for improvement! As a team, we strive to constantly reflect and improve, and our children are taught to do the same with the ways in which they give back, and who they are as human beings.

Our founder

Noha Mahdi

Passionate about education and service-work at all levels, Noha is a lifelong learner who enjoys cultivating experiential, interdisciplinary and holistic learning experiences. She believes in the indispensable role of culture and community in the learning process and deeply enjoys contributing to people’s mental, social and emotional development.

Noha holds a Master of Education degree in Educational Neuroscience from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from McGill University, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research from McGill University.